Brother Of “Rainbow Boy” Feels The Need To Tell The World “I’m Straight”.

A mother who wrote a book about her young son’s love of ‘all girl things’ like Barbies and high heels has now revealed that her older son felt that he needed to come out as straight.

Lori Duron, who lives in California’s Orange County, started writing a blog and later a book about her son C.J.’s affinity for girls’ toys and clothing, and used her position as a way to tell other parents how she was creating a welcoming environment for her gender non-conforming son.

In a new essay for The Huffington Post, she explained how she was careful use all-inclusive pronouns and never assume that either of her two sons were attracted to girls.

Difference of opinion: While CJ loves pink and dolls, his older brother Chase prefers traditional boys’ toys

As a result, her 10-year-old son Chase felt compelled to ‘come out’ to her as a boy that likes girls. ‘I’m careful how I phrase things. I ask my oldest son Chase if he thinks anybody in his class is cute. I leave it open so that he can answer honestly,’ she wrote in the essay.

After a number of such interactions, she got an unexpected response from Chase. ‘Mom, I’m straight. It’s time you faced the facts,’ Chase said.

‘I know what you’re doing. You always leave it open, like I could be gay. But I’m not,’ he continued. ‘OK, but you know that if you were gay or are gay, that is totally cool too, right?’ Mrs Duron responded.

Happy at play: CJ seen in his bedroom, which is crammed full of girls’ toys


Expressing himself: CJ’s mother says he loves practicing his ‘fashion walk’ in the mirror

Many parents of LGBT children have stories of their own moments when their son or daughter was ready to come out as a homosexual or lesbian, but Mrs Duron is one of the few who had a similar experience with a straight child.

She writes how her unexpected parenting methods come from her own experience of growing up with a gay brother.

Mrs Duron wrote that her mother’s reaction to her brother’s admission of his sexuality, which happened ‘ a time and in a place where it wasn’t discussed, let alone embraced’, encouraged her to be overly cautious and supportive or whatever sexuality her children identify with.

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