Lil’ Wayne Demands To Get Off Plane Before Takeoff But The Reason Will Have You Cheering

You can say whatever you want about Lil’ Wayne but what he did recently for the military adds some points in my opinion.

According to Uproxx:

Lil Wayne has had an interesting couple of years, and despite being unable to release his long awaited album Carter V he’s released plenty of quality music to quench his fans thirst for new Weezy. Due to his label situation Wayne has become a bit of an underdog and has gained the adoration of fans new and old alike, but nothing he’s done since feuding with Birdman may have been more endearing than what he did at an Indiana airport Saturday.

According to an employee at the airport named Amanda Cooper Lickliter, Tunechi was set to take off to a destination unknown when a military plane parked next to the private jet he was on. After seeing the military personnel exit the plane Wayne seems to have asked for his plane to be shut down and he proceeded to get off the jet to greet each of the uniformed service men in the airport lobby.

So Lil Wayne came through IND today. At the same time he was due to depart, there was a military C130 arriving. It parked next to the Gulfstream he was on, and about 30 men in uniform crossed the ramp into the lobby. After they walked in front of the G-550, Lil Wayne apparently told his pilots he wanted off. They shut down their engines, and he and his boys got off their plane, came into the lobby, and shook every one of the service men’s hands. There was no press and no one to show off for…just a seemingly genuine act of respect. I know a lot of controversy surrounds him but, today, I was impressed.

Way to go Lil’Wayne. That gesture speaks volumes and I am sure will not be forgotten by Those soldiers for a very long time.



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