[WATCH] Husband Takes Wife Off Life Support – As He Says His Last Words, She Starts To Do THIS

Wife And Mother Fights To Come Back From Two-Week Coma

Things were fine until Steven found his mom, Lyndee, unconscious. He called 9-1-1 and watched in horror as they took his mother’s limp body to the hospital. Lyndee was in a coma and there was no sign of the cause.

They waited for 12 days, hoping and praying for Lyndee to show any sign of life. Before her sudden illness, Lyndee declared that she wanted her organs to be donated to those in need. Doctors told them 12 days is pushing the time limit that the organs can be recovered in good condition, and they needed to decide whether or not to keep up life support soon.

Her husband still wasn’t ready to give up, so he sat by her side and whispered into her ear, “I need you to fight.” They turned off the life support and waited for her to begin the process of death. Instead, she began to breathe and show signs of life! Alive and well, now she urges people to have that difficult talk with their loved ones about death, “Just because you’re not conscious, doesn’t mean you can’t hear. You should talk to your loved ones [about your wishes].”

#MUSTWATCH: Imagine making the painful decision take your unresponsive loved one off of life support…and they survive! This is Lyndee’s story. She was in a coma, but what her family and doctors didn’t know is she could hear discussions, even the ones doctors had with her family about the process of dying. Feel free to share.

Posted by YettaGibson on Thursday, March 3, 2016

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