The Recent Attacks On Donald Trumps Wife Is Like Deja Vu All Over Again

According to the Huffington Post, the Republican establishment, Karl Rove and the top CEOs of the world met on an island off the coast of Georgia last weekend. A big part of the meeting was dedicated to how to destroy Donald Trump.

Let’s hope that the volley leveled at Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, on television Tuesday was not part of their plan.

Last July I compared Donald Trump to Andrew Jackson. Soon after, the comparison started showing up in the mainstream media. The facts are startling. I reviewed some of them again in recent television appearances and in a blog post. Now, sadly, there is yet another comparison I can only hope won’t be repeated.

In 1828, in the middle of a bitter presidential campaign, the political establishment became frustrated by their inability to take down Andrew Jackson. He was opposing their call for a second national bank. He was from the West; all six American presidents had come from the East Coast. He was a Presbyterian; they were all Episcopalian. He had no governing experience. They were all members of the nation’s political aristocracy. Two came from the same family. Four had been secretary of state.

But Jackson was tough. He carried several bullets in his body from wars with the Indians, the British and personal duels defending his honor. When establishment attacks on him backfired his angry political enemies turned on his wife. Rachel Jackson was savaged.

Yesterday, in an eerie reflection of this historical rerun, a supporter of Ted Cruz lashed out against Melania Trump. It happened on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel and seemed to take the host by surprise. Andrea McWilliams said that if Donald Trump won the White House, his wife, Melania, would become the only first lady to have been a presidents’ third wife. She would be the only first lady to have posed for photographs in the nude. And she would be the only first lady in a hundred years to have been born outside of the United States.

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