Clay Aiken Makes Some Interesting Comments Regarding Donald Trump. ” I Think Trump’s A Democrat.”

Many people are weary about the idea of a Trump Presidency  and some are more vocal than others. In a recent interview with Clay Aiken, Aiken made some interesting remarks about the Donald and the future possibilities of A Trump Presidency.

According to The Hill:

Singer Clay Aiken says he believes GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump is a Democrat.

“I don’t think he’s a fascist,” Aiken told host Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.” “I don’t think he’s a racist. I think he’s a Democrat.”

Aiken, who placed second on Trump’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” reality TV show in 2012, said his uncertainty about what Trump would do as commander in chief worried him.

“I think that’s what’s most concerning to me,” he continued. “I believe he’s this way and he speaks another way.

“That’s what worries me about him becoming president,” he added. “I don’t know what he’ll be as president, you don’t know what he’ll be as president, I’m not sure that he knows what he’ll be as president.

“That’s far more frightening to me than someone I might disagree with completely. I think the concern for me more is I don’t know where he falls.”

Aiken, a former Democratic House candidate, said he sees little in Trump that resembles his own political party.

“I am a Democrat and I certainly don’t agree with anything he’s saying right now, nor do I agree with anyone else on that side of the aisle who’s running for president,” said Aiken.

He added that he bears Trump no ill will, even after the billionaire “fired” him on his show in 2012.

“I like him as a person. I always say he’s kind of like that uncle that gets drunk at the wedding and embarrasses you. You love him, but you wish he’d shut up.”

Aiken admitted on Tuesday that his mother is voting for Trump.

Aiken failed to unseat Rep. Renee Elmers (R-N.C.) in 2014 during a heated House race that drew national attention.

Of course anything that Clay Aiken says should be taken with a grain of salt. One way or another Trump is well on his way towards the nomination. Only time will tell.


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