[MEME] Here Are Some FACTS About Bernie Sanders That No One Is Talking About

With all the hype surrounding Bernie Sanders recently it’s important for people to learn the facts about good ol’ Bernie’s life. Enjoy!


Via Minority of One:

Bernie Sanders upset victory in Michigan came just two days after he stood on the debate stage in the perennially beleaguered city of Flint, Mich., and decried the economic condition of the surrounding area. He put the blame where he, like Donald Trump, often puts it: on free trade.

“Do you know that in 1960, Detroit, Mich., was one of the wealthiest cities in America?” he demanded. “Flint, Mich., was a prosperous city. But then what happened is corporate America said, ‘Why do I want to pay somebody in Michigan a living wage when I can pay slave wages in Mexico or China?’”

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