19 Year Old Calls Kim Kardashian For Nude Shot That Is Blowing Up The Internet!

Kim Kardashian has been living under the delusion of her own godhood for entirely too long, and 19-year-old actress Chloe Moretz has taken to Twitter to call her out.

On Monday, the reality star made headlines by posting a photo of herself naked on social media, and it seemed to run precisely counter to any more realistic, not to mention mature, movement against the objectification of women.

Of course, Kardashian may not have much more to offer the world than her looks. Or at least, they appears to be what she believes.

Kim came back with a blow of her own.

But then it gets even better when Bette Midler chimes in.

Kim was not to be outdone though. She had one last thing to say.

Midler’s tweet received nearly three times as much praise as Kim Kardashian showing how sick and tired people are becoming with her. Just go away!

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