[VIDEO] Escaped Inmate Invades Home, Ties Up Parents And Child. Then Mom Finds Her Gun…

[VIDEO] Escaped Inmate Invades Home, Ties Up Parents And Child. Then Mom Finds Her Gun...

Rafael McCloud broke into a home and held a husband, wife and 5-year-old hostage after escaping from jail last week.

Video below:

ABC7NY has more…

A Mississippi woman whose family was being held hostage by an escaped prisoner shot him Thursday before her husband joined in the shooting that ended with the intruder’s death, authorities said.

Officials say Rafael McCloud had escaped from jail last week after overpowering a guard with a makeshift knife. Police had warned residents that they believed he was still in the Vicksburg area as a multiple-agency manhunt came up empty.

 McCloud was facing rape and murder charges in connection to the death of a 69-year-old woman, officials said.

At about 4 a.m. Thursday, less than a mile from the jail, police say McCloud forced his way into the house after he encountered the husband and his 5-year-old son as they headed to the garage.

The husband told police the man forced them back inside, tied him up, stabbed him in the shoulder and held him, his wife and son hostage in a bathroom.

Hours later, the wife managed to escape the bathroom, before coming back with a gun and shooting McCloud, officials said.

She freed her husband who then fired more shots, killing McCloud, officials said.

The husband was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, officials said, and his wife and son were not harmed.

Police said they do not believe there was any previous connection between McCloud and the family.

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