Religion of Peace Strikes Again: Police Officer Stabbed By 15 Year Old Girl In ISIS Inspired Attack

A 15-year-old Moroccan (pictured) was arrested after an Islamist attack at Hanover central station inspired by the Islamic State. The young girl who was wearing a headscarf was observed to fix officials in the office with her gaze — this much can be seen from surveillance videos from the station, reports Bild.

Approached by an officer, the young girl handed over her identity documents, but as he was distracted reading the paper, she struck. A spokesman said: “When the officer slightly turned away to check her identity, with lightning speed she stabbed him… The colleague had no chance to defend himself”.

At that point, other officers piled in and detained the girl. The struck officer had to receive emergency surgery, the kitchen knife having entered his neck, with a colleague remarking “it’s a miracle he survived”.

The event garnered no media attention at the time but it has now been proven the attack was inspired by Islamist ideology, with the young girl attacking a target in Europe because she was unable to travel to the Islamic State itself to join her co-religionists.

Berlin newspaper BZ reports the girl had spent time living on the Turkish-Syrian border, and had possibly been radicalized there. She had recently been returned from the area to her mother in Germany, and it may be frustration at being taken away from being near the Islamic State that brought about the attack.

A police spokesman remarked on her remarkable callousness, showing no interest in whether the stabbed officer died but great concern after her arrest that her headscarf covered her properly, having become dislodged.

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