[BREAKING] Were The North Carolina Elections Rigged? Evidence Suggests It Was.

North Carolinians, including myself, head to the polls Tuesday along with primary voters in Illinois, Missouri and two other states.

Those two other states have been getting most of the attention in recent weeks, as they are Florida, the home state of Sen. Marco Rubio, and Ohio, the home state of Gov. John Kasich. A Rubio loss in Florida or a Kasich loss in Ohio will probably spell the end of their respective campaigns.

But that assumes that we can trust the vote tallies in those states. A recent report from True the Vote indicated that such trust might be misplaced.

In a release last month that has been all but ignored by the mainstream media, TTV, which bills itself as “the nation’s largest nonpartisan, voters’ rights and election integrity organization,” reported the discovery of thousands of duplicate voter registrations in North Carolina.

Moreover, TTV said that two left-leaning organizations, Democracy NC and Demos, had threatened legal action in response to actions taken to clean up the voter rolls in the state.

There’s a shock.  Fortunately, those threats appear to have been largely ignored — at least for now. TTV noted about 5,000 duplicate registrations, many of which had already been purged from county records and the others of which were still under review by officials.

And those were found in only 10 of the state’s 100 counties. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that numbers like that, if repeated throughout the state, could easily add up to enough to sway statewide elections.

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