STUDY: Moderate Beer Consumption Can Prevent Cancer and Here Is How Much You Should Drink!

Hallelujah! Moderate Beer Consumption Could Fight Cancer. Here Is How Much You Should Drink:

Who says there is nothing good being reported in the news these days?

KCTV5 reports:

A cold brew after a long day may not be a bad idea after all. Ingredients found in beer products could help fight cancer, according to a new research study.

The acids, humulones and lupulones (bitter-tasting chemical compounds that are antiviral and antibacterial), which are found in the hops used to make beer could halt or prevent cancer and inflammatory diseases, according to scientists at the University of Idaho.

The new research study will be presented to the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society later this week.

In the race to find a cure for cancer, scientists are hoping to extract the compounds from the hops or synthesise them in a lab to create new treatments.

University of Idaho’s Dr. Kristopher Waynant said after a lot of trial and error, they are closer to extracting the key ingredients.

Researchers say it’s important to extract specific and healthy compounds from hops, in order to create a treatment that’s not harmful.

Past experiments have shown that an ingredient in hops called xanthohumol can stop the development of prostate cancer.

In 2013, study results showed that beer consumption decreases the chances of getting kidney stones.

Also, the dark ales and stout beer have been found to reduce heart attacks, as long as it is consumed in moderation.

The Harvard Medical School and the American Stroke Association have stated that people who drink a moderate amount of beer can cut their risks of having a stroke in half.

Beer drinking allows your arteries to become flexible and greatly improves blood circulation, which helps detour stroke-causing blood clots.

Research studies show that some other benefits to drinking beer are healthier bones, reduction of diabetes, reduction of Alzheimer’s, a cure for insomnia and eye cataract prevention.

Beer contains 3 to 7 percent of alcohol, and government alcohol guidelines have suggested that consumers drink no more than 14 units a week.

If people drink alcoholic beverages excessively it can cause many health problems such as mouth, throat, oesophagal and liver cancer.

For maximum health benefits, beer consumers should lower their intake.

In the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, women of legal age should only consume one drink per day and men of legal age only two drinks per day.

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