“Peaceful” Refugees Attack Film Crew, Police Respond by Doing THIS

Cameras captured the moment a TV crew from 60 Minutes Australia was attacked by refugee migrants in Sweden.

A 60 Minutes cameraman and producer were injured in two separate attacks that involved being punched in the face, run over with a car, and having a jar thrown at them.

In the video below you can see a disabled local witnessing the attack try to provide assistance by running over one of the attackers with his mobility scooter.

60 Minutes Reporter Liz Hayes said:

“I just knew, they wouldn’t hit me. I was glad, right then, that I was a woman. I felt they wouldn’t hit me because of that, and that might mean I could slow things down a bit. I’m pretty sure if I was one of the guys I probably would have been hit as well. We got out and that’s when our cameraman got run over by a car — a very deliberate act.”


These brazen attacks are happening more frequently all over the world as leaders pander to them in fear of the repercussions. The world is becoming more and more unstable.

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