North America MOVED Over The Last 48 Hours Due To Massive Seismic Activity Across Continent

Over the past 48 hours, there has been a noticeable progression of earthquakes which occurred from the West coast to the East coast.

The whole North American plate was displaced nearly 5 days ago by a larger M5.2 earthquake off the West coast.  This displacement has now resulted in multiple M4.0+ earthquakes at the California border, and more rare East coast earthquake activity in New England + Southeast Quebec Canada.

Above: Past 48 hours of earthquakes M2.5+ in the United States shows a progression of earthquakes stemming from the new swarm location at the California / Nevada border. The pressure transfer to the East is also rather obvious, showing up as a new swarm in Oklahoma, a new M3.2 at Cerro Prieto volcano at the California / Mexico border, and two earthquakes in New England on the East coast (New Hampshire and Quebec)

The progression of seismic events began 4 days prior with a M5.2 earthquake off the coast of NW Vancouver Island BC (Pacific Northwest).

This larger M5.2 earthquake off the coast put pressure on the faults to the South at the border of California / Nevada. This M5.2 led to a new earthquake forecast being issued for North America.

See the earthquake forecast video here, and compare to what is currently happening now:

The earthquake forecast called for M4.0+ earthquakes to strike at the California – Nevada border, and further called for near M3.0 range earthquakes to strike New England (near Maine and Southeast Quebec).

As the earthquake forecast predicted, the pressure transfer from the M5.2 off the coast then caused two earthquakes at the CA / NV border (M4.3 + M4.1 near Hawthorne Nevada).

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