[STRANGE VIDEO] Just Another Hoax, Or Is There Something To This Footage? You Decide…

UFOs are reported across the globe on a daily basis, and it’s often the same thing — a circular object shines brilliantly in the sky, and then, instantly, it disappears.


A sighting last month in Ontario, Canada, posted to YouTube, delights viewers’ eyes and lives up to every expectation of a close encounter, except in one respect: It probably isn’t real.

We generally don’t comment on anonymous UFO reports posted on social media. However, this one seems to illustrate an important point, and you might keep this in mind the next time you think you see an ET’s spacecraft.

The eyewitness, known only from his V-For-Victor (V4V) YouTube channel, claims that he saw through his bedroom window, “three bright objects in the sky hovering beside each other in a strange formation.”

V4V decided to videotape the objects after they began to blink randomly, disappear and reappear in the same spot. The following 13-second video shows some of this activity.

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