[ALERT] China Reveals New Nuclear System U.S. Can’t Match… This Is Bad

While President Barack Obama has made efforts to reduce our military’s capabilities, particularly in regards to missile defense, America’s rivals in China and around the globe are exploiting the obvious sign of weakness by greatly increasing their own military capabilities.

Specifically, Beijing recently announced that its powerful, new long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, known as the DF-41, will be fully operational at some point this year, at which point it will be deployed into service, according to the South China Morning Post.

The DF-41, which has been described as the world’s longest-range missile, is capable of traveling more than 9,000 miles and could reach mainland U.S.A. in about a half an hour, whether traveling over the North Pole or across the Pacific Ocean.

However, it remains unclear at this time if the missile would be capable of breaking through the weakening, though still rather stout, multi-layered missile defense shield that Obama is attempting to dismantle.

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