[WATCH] Anti-Trump Hippies Stomp On The American Flag, Unaware Of Monster Repercussions

[WATCH] Anti-Trump Protesters Stomp On The American Flag, Unaware Of Monster Repercussions

Will the actions of these protesters actually benefit Trump?

Foxnews reports:

Protesters stomped on the American flag outside a Fox News Channel town hall event with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Sunday.

John Roberts reported on “Fox and Friends” this morning that the atmosphere outside the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Mainstage Theatre was very tense in the hours leading up to Trump’s town hall, which was moderated by Greta Van Susteren.

Fox 6 captured an exchange after a protester was seen aggressively stomping on the stars and stripes. Bystanders who were part of the U.S. military or had family members who died for our country confronted the protester.

Roberts reported that strong words were exchanged and there was a little pushing back and forth before police secured the area.

“Tactics like that definitely do get people upset in this country, and people of all political stripes, not just Republicans,” Roberts said.

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