Homeowner Arrested For Stabbing Pooping Man On Lawn But Pooper Turns The Tables

No sure who came out ahead: the homeowner or the perpetrator, or should I say “poop-etrator…”


13WMAZ reports:

A man is under arrest, accused of stabbing another man who was allegedly pooping on his lawn in Stockton.

Police responded to a home Sunday evening and found two men with stab wounds. Investigators believe the person living at the home had seen the other man pooping on his lawn, and began chasing him with a large kitchen knife. 

The suspect was reportedly swinging the knife violently at the other man, and jumped on top of the victim at one point. 

During the struggle, the victim was able to get the knife and stab the suspect in the neck. 

Officers arrested the suspect, identified as 18-year-old Lonale Shaw, for assault with a deadly weapon. No word on the condition of the victim. 

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