[WATCH] HELL ON EARTH: Fuel Tanker Eruption Caught On Video, Engulfing Crowd In Flames

People were trying to steal gas, never suspecting that danger was imminent.

Several people were injured when a crashed fuel tanker turned an Egyptian street into a sea of flames.

The tanker had flipped over on its side for an unknown reason, and began leaking gasoline from its roof.

In an act of thievery they would soon regret, a number of opportunistic men brought buckets and containers to cash in on the accident.

Video footage from the incident shows several people running up to the overturned fuel tanker, trying to collect as much gasoline as they can carry.

Another recording, filmed from a nearby house overlooking the scene, shows the small crowd growing as word spreads of the fuel free-for-all.

Moments later, the fuel and fumes ignite, with both gasoline thieves and onlookers engulfed in flames.

Within seconds, the entire street is on fire, with flames and thick dark smoke rising high into the sky as the leaked gasoline burns.

It is not known how many people were injured in the incident.

The videos were reportedly filmed at an unknown location near Alexandria, Egypt, and posted online on Sunday.


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