[VIDEO] What’s Inside A Rattlesnake Rattle?


We CUT OPEN a Rattlesnake Rattle to see what’s inside!!


Rattlesnakes are dangerous reptiles that can have a lethal bite, luckily for us this one was not alive.


We learned a lot about Rattlesnakes in making this video and hope you enjoy it.



Rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes of the genera Crotalus and Sistrurus[1] of the subfamily Crotalinae (the pit vipers). The 36 known species of rattlesnakes have between 65 and 70 subspecies,[2] all native to the America, ranging from southern Alberta and southern British Columbia in Canada to central Argentina.

Rattlesnakes are predators that live in a wide array of habitats, hunting small animals such as birds and rodents.

The threat of envenomation, advertised by the loud shaking of the titular noisemaker (“the rattle”) at the end of their tails, deters many predators. However, rattlesnakes fall prey to hawks, weasels, king snakes and a variety of other species. Rattlesnakes are heavily preyed upon as neonates, while they are still weak and mentally immature. Large numbers of rattlesnakes are killed by humans. Rattlesnake populations in many areas are severely threatened by habitat destruction, poaching, and extermination campaigns.

Rattlesnake are the leading contributor to snakebite injuries in North America. However, rattlesnakes rarely bite unless provoked or threatened; if treated promptly the bites are seldom fatal.

Rattlesnakes receive their name from the rattle located at the end of their tails, which makes a loud rattling noise when vibrated that deters predators or serves as a warning to passers-by.[3] The scientific name Crotalus is derived from the Greek κρόταλον, meaning “castanet”.[4] The name Sistrurus is the Latinizedform of the Greek word for “tail rattler” (Σείστρουρος, seistrouros) and shares its root with the ancient Egyptian musical instrument the sistrum, a type of rattle.[5]

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