Migrants Beat Teen And Leave Him To Die On Train Tracks, What Onlookers Did Was Even Worse….

As I have said before, silence in the face of evil is consent to it. This also applies to action. Inaction in the fact of clear, gross evil is consent to that evil.

A teen boy was ambushed by a group of African migrants who began kicking him, bashing his head in with rocks, and moving him to the train tracks to die. The terrified victim cried for help to nearby witnesses who were waiting to board the train, but what his fellow citizens did was even more disgusting.

“They hit him with stones in the head,” she said. “The men — I think they were all Eritreans — wanted my two colleagues to shake hands. One shook their hands. The second mate did not want to and said, ‘Go away.’ They pounced all on him, beat and kicked him from all sides.”

This story is becoming very common throughout Europe, where gangs of Muslims savagely attack Europeans with no motivation other than their pure, unbridled hatred for all that is good and ordered in this world, and attempting to turn their environment into the cesspools which they crawled out of. That said, and as the article notes, why did nobody help this person while he was being attacked, but just looked on and did nothing?

The answer is that they are scared of the Muslims.

Sadly, the modern European is not even a shadow of his ancestors. He as become weak, effeminate, and lazy. He hates Christianity because the Faith calls him to be something better than what he is, and it establishes standards, rules, and laws. But he is NOT afraid to attack the Faith because the people do not stand up for the Faith as they should, and when they do the government prosecutes them for it.

Islam on the other hand is the epitome of savagery, as it places beatitude in the bestial and perverse. Yet Europeans will submit to Islam’s demands out of fear because they are weak and they are too scared to defend themselves.

If Europe wants to survive, then it must re-embrace its Catholic past. This means all aspects of the religion, including the militant parts of Christianity that nobody wants to speak about. Indeed, Christian militarism in a true theological and practical sense is the temporal hand of justice giving the wicked their just due for the peace and order of society.

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