[VIDEO] This Isn’t The Set Of Castaway, It Just Happened!

[VIDEO] This Isn't The Set Of Castaway, It Just Happened!

Incredible! These men worked to facilitate their own rescue…

Video below:


Through efforts by the Coast Guard and the Navy’s U.S. Pacific Fleet, U.S. 7th Fleet, Joint Region Marianas these three men were found on the remote Pacific Island of Fanadik.

After a large wave reportedly swamped their skiff, these men swim nearly 2 miles at night. Upon arrival to the island they built the help sign and waited for rescue. The Coast Guard was notified Tuesday by the Chuuk search and rescue liaison that the mariners were overdue.

The Coast Guard enlisted the help of volunteer commercial vessels through the AMVER program to search the waters of the region and requested air support from the Navy. The men were located by a Navy P-8A aircrew Thursday in a search designed and coordinated by Coast Guard search and rescue controllers at Sector Guam. Once sighted, the information was relayed back to the family in Chuuk who launched another vessel to the island and mariners were recovered arriving safely to Pulap.

These partnerships are critical to successful search and rescue cases in remote parts of the Pacific. Ingenuity of these men to build their sign and the preparedness of having lifejackets also contributed to their safe rescue.





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