[WATCH] How Does A 120LB Great Dane Climb A Tree? AND How Do Firemen Get Her Down?

These firefighters had never received a rescue call quite like this one…

Tonight, as we were covering the Louisville district, we received a call that was far from typical. We were advised that a dog was stuck about 20 feet up in a tree. Additional information was that the dog was a Great Dane that was about 120 pounds. While we were responding, we were admittedly somewhat skeptical. Upon arrival, sure enough, there she was. A 120 pound Great Dane about 20 feet up in the tree. After some quick game planning, and assistance from the Sheriff’s Office K-9 Handler, we put our plan into action. The initial plan was to get a harness on the dog and see if he would follow a friend of the owner back down the tree. That didn’t work to well. The next plan was to attach a long leash to the harness and lower the dog to the ground. During both plans, we had members on the ground holding a tarp to catch the dog if she would have fallen. As you can see in the video, the second option worked well enough to get her out of the tree unharmed. Big thanks to Elmwood Rescue, Cass County Sheriffs Deputies and the homeowners. This is one of those calls that had a great outcome and will not soon be forgotten. –Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department

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