HUGE $1,000 PER GUN TAX Plan Is Already In Use In US Territory…. Could It Be Heading Our Way Next?

Residents of the Northern Marianas Islands, a U.S. territory, will be paying a tax of $1,000 per gun as part of a sweeping gun regulation package was approved.

Gov. Ralph Torres signed the gun tax and regulation bill into law Monday and stressed that his first priority is the safety of law enforcement and the community.

 “It’s something that none of us want, and we want to make it as strict as possible,” Torres said in a statement. Last year, the city of Seattle approved a $25 tax per firearm, which was called a “gun violence tax.”

Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, blasted these as examples of the left targeting guns and noted that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has backed taxes on guns in the past.

“The left is now seeking to tax guns out of existence,” Norquist said in a statement Monady. “The Second Amendment makes it difficult to legally ban guns, but Hillary has led the way to explaining you can achieve the same thing with high taxes.”

While she was first lady, in 1993, Clinton called for a 25 percent sales tax on guns. Gun control has been a quandary in the Northern Marianas Islands in recent weeks.

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