Gun Nut Capital of America Has…Wait For It…The Lowest Murder Rate!

Jews-For-The-Preservation-Of-Firearms-Ownership-LogoThe USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world.

Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth.

But we’re not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world.

Although published over a year ago, this video shows very clearly the real position of the U.S.A. in the murder statistics ladder.

Some figures may have changed a bit, but overall the main thrust shows clearly that a heavily armed country does not by default have to be tops in the murder chart.

We have discussed these figures before, but this presentation clearly puts things into perspective,.and it’s worth remembering, most murder figures can be due to illegal criminal guns.

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