[WATCH] Grandma Lets Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Take Over, Just About Loses Her Mind

Such awful language from such a sweet grandmother!

H/T to SomeEcards

As the Tesla Model S slowly begins taking over American roadways, its autopilot feature is going to frighten a ton of people along the way. Car Buzz shared a video of this sweet, innocent grandmother reluctantly letting the car drive on its own. She sounds about ready to duck-and-roll out of the car at any moment.

It’s easy to laugh but know that this is exactly how you’ll react during your first time handing vehicular control over to autopilot. Even hip, “with it” millennials have been caught screaming for their Luddite grandmothers during experiences with autopilot.

Teslas are essentially the Freddy Krueger of vehicles, given that pretty much all of its innovative features scare the living shit out of people, such as its ‘Insane Mode.’

Perhaps when the singularity comes, humans can be programmed to be as relaxed in autonomous cars as autonomous cars are with screaming humans in them.


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