[VIDEO] Is This Cop Worthy Of ‘Officer Of The Year’ Or Should He Resign?

Was this “Officer of the Year” justified?

Austin Vandegrift beat Wylie East 1-0 in the Texas girls division 4A soccer championship Saturday. Students stormed the field in celebration and Officer George Bermudez was not happy about it.

Bermudez can be seen tripping and pushing the revelling teens in a video taken by 16-year-old Rohan Gupta.

“He should’ve used better judgment,” said Gupta, “We’re high-schoolers just trying to have some fun after our team won.”

Parents began emailing complaints to the Georgetown Police Department Sunday morning.

“After personally watching the videos, the actions of my officer are very concerning to me as well,” Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero said in a statement. “There are times when we fail to get it right. When circumstances like these occur I simply ask, as would any Chief, for the public’s patience.”

Officer Bermudez was named Georgetown’s ‘Officer of the Year’ in 2013. He has been placed on paid administrative leave while police further investigate the officer’s actions. –TomoNews US


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