[WATCH] Refugees Attack Elderly Men In Subway

Is this the kind of problem we will soon face?

Shocking footage has surfaced online appearing to show a group of young migrants attacking two German pensioners after they stood up for a young women the men were harassing on a subway train.

Recorded on a mobile phone, the disgraceful video shows the men – of Eastern European or Arabic origin – holding one man by the arms as they verbally abuse him.
The second victim is seen grappling with one of the migrants, before he is held up by the neck and threatened.

Munich man Tom Roth uploaded the disgraceful video to his Facebook page. He caught the footage while travelling from Sendlinger Tor station to the Metro’s city centre terminal.

He said the fight broke out after one of the asylum seekers was rejected by a woman who he had placed his hand upon on the train.

In response, the man smashed his hand against the carriage’s glass window – an aggressive act of defiance the train’s other passengers requested he desist.¬†However, when they did, one elderly German man was patted mockingly on the head by one of the migrant group.

That act of disrespect sparked an angry exchange.



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