Oh The Irony… Sanders Campaign Spends Nearly Double What Trump Has During Campaign

Sen. Bernie Sanders is spending money on his Democratic presidential campaign at a rate that dwarfs the spending of Republican businessman Donald Trump, a billionaire capitalist who embodies the privileged class Sanders is railing against in what he sees as a fight for the middle class.

The Sanders campaign has dropped $122.6 million on the election so far, nearly four times the Trump campaign’s $33.4 million, according to Federal Election Commission filings. In total, Sanders has raised roughly $140 million to Trump’s $35 million.

Trump does benefit from seemingly endless media attention and decades of national name recognition, as well as being the Republican front-runner. Sanders, a far second to Clinton in the Democratic primary, is picking up steam but still fighting to stay afloat. His loyal base helps him raise large amounts of campaign cash, which he needs to spend if he wants a chance at besting Clinton.

Nevertheless the contrast between the spending of Sanders, a Democratic-socialist who is rooting his campaign in an opposition to the so-called evils of the wealthy business class, and Trump is striking.

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