Pastor Claims Modern Day Miracle After “Prayer Brings Boy Back To Life”

A California pastor and his wife say they witnessed a modern day miracle after praying for a boy with no pulse and no signs of life and seeing him open his eyes and begin breathing.

Pastor Eric Angeles and his wife, Ruth, spoke with CBN’s Charlene Aaron by phone about what they experienced through the power of prayer. Click play to listen.

Pastor Eric Angeles of New Hope International Christian Center in Norwalk was at home with his wife, Ruth, when he heard a loud noise outside.

Seconds later he heard shouting.

When he opened his front door he saw a young boy who’d been hit by a pickup truck lying in the street. People who were first on the scene of the accident said they checked for a pulse, but there was none.

“The boy was motionless,” Eric told CBN News.

Ruth rushed out of their home to pray for the boy, whose parents were standing next to him crying. After a few minutes of praying over the boy, Ruth said the Holy Spirit told her to call out his name.

“I was asking, ‘Lord give this boy life, give back the boy his life’ and I was praying, ‘In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, wake up, wake up,’ and then like a couple of minutes, nothing happened…and then I heard the Spirit telling me, ‘Call his name, call his name,” she said.

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