Black Lives Matter Thug CAUGHT In LIE, Receives Exactly What She Deserves

A black Kean University student is getting her butt handed to her in legal fees because she’s a liar. To recap, the dame cried racist and caused a panic for no good reason. On social media this is called “a tweet” but in the real-world, it’s called “fraud.” Sound familiar? (Black Professor Cries ‘Racial Profiling!’ New Camera Footage Says…NO) This is becoming a common pastime.

You ever feel the need to be oppressed because you’re an insignificant wastoid? That’s all this lady wanted. But when she looked around campus for some good ole racism, she found none. So what did she do? Took to Twitter and created some of her own.

According to prosecutors, the 25-year-old McKelvey tweeted threats from a campus library because she wanted more people to attend [a] rally on racial issues. She then returned to the rally to tell people about the threats.

State prosecutors will recommend that Kayla KcKelvey be sentenced to 90 days in jail and that she pay restitution of about $82,000 to cover the costs of the police response and heightened security at Kean University after the threats.

NeedaJobIt’s important to note that this gal had to literally fabricate racism because there wasn’t enough to go around. Groups like #BlackLivesMatter are only relevant as long as there is a race problem. Or… at least a perceived race problem.

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