Doped Up Thug Is Shot By A Gun-Toting Nanny After Kicking The Door In

A woman defended herself and her home when a man kicked in her door. She fatally shot him. Neighbors say the woman normally walks with a cane, and that her toddler granddaughter basically lives with her most of the time.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Kansas City police are investigating a fatal shooting at a home near 56th Street and Swope Parkway.

Police were called to the home just after 11 p.m. Wednesday to investigate reports of gunshots in the area.

The homeowner told police she heard loud banging and knocking on her front door. A police news release said the woman got her gun because she could not see who it was at the door and was scared for her life.

The woman, who was questioned and released from custody, told investigators that she shot the man after he kicked in the front door and came after her.

A longtime friend and neighbor of the woman said she didn’t want to be identified. She said the woman who lives at the house is in her late 40s and uses a cane to get around. The friend said the woman’s two sons sometimes stay at the house, but her toddler granddaughter is there almost all the time.

The friend said she understands the trauma of Thursday night’s situation. She said she understands the choice the woman made.

“If I felt I was being threatened, yeah, I sure would have,” said the friend.

Police said the man, whose name has not been released, was a friend of a relative and had been at the home earlier. He had been asked to leave, because the homeowner said he had illegal narcotics on him.

The prosecutor’s office will review the case and decide whether any charges should be filed. The resident’s friend said she thinks the case is pretty clear-cut.

“If you’re asked to leave, and you leave and you come back, and it’s not in a kind way, she had every right to protect her home and whoever’s in it,” the friend said.

In such a time when criminals are running rough-shot, score a win for the good guys.


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