Family of Benghazi Victims Receive INCREDIBLE News… It’s About Time

A governmental injustice has been corrected. In a reversal of policy, the CIA has decided to offer survivor benefits to the family of Glen Doherty, one of the security contractors who died saving American lives in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.

The CIA’s new policy will bestow “enhanced death benefits” for contractors and employees who have worked for the agency starting in the 1980s. As for Doherty’s family, they are expected to receive around $400,000. Doherty’s sister, Kate Quigley, said she was “thrilled” to receive the phone call and is excited that the new program will help dozens of other families.

The House Select Committee on Benghazi was especially adamant about helping the Doherty family in their effort to receive government aid and thankful to learn the CIA had changed its policy.

“I am glad the agency made this decision so the Doherty family and others who have lost loved ones in service to and sacrifice for our country will finally receive the recognition and honor they deserve,” said Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) in a statement.

“I appreciate the Doherty family’s advocacy to correct this injustice on behalf of their family and other families in similar situations,” added Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IN), who also sits on the Benghazi panel. “Mr. Doherty’s sacrifice and service should be honored and recognized, and his family should receive the death benefits that Mr. Doherty paid for and are afforded to all families who lose loved ones in service to our nation.”

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