[WATCH] Teacher’s Aide Goes Ape On Small 14-Year-Old

These HARSH teaching methods put the boy in the hospital…

Video below:

DailyMail reports:

A Milwaukee high school teacher’s aide has been arrested after he was captured on video pushing a 14-year-old student to the ground and holding him by the neck during an altercation, police said.

The disturbing video shows the 39-year-old aide pushing the student across a table before forcing him onto the floor in a Bay View High School ninth grade biology classroom on Wednesday morning.

The boy can be seen grabbing onto the aide’s shirt as he is held down by the neck, kicking as he tries to free himself from the older man’s grasp as the man yells expletives at him.

‘What the f*** did I say to you, motherf*****?’ the man is heard telling the boy on camera, pushing his head to the floor. ‘You can’t n****r, huh? What the f*** I say to you? Little motherf****r.’

The aide, whose name has not been released, was arrested for alleged physical abuse of a child. The 14-year-old boy was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries.

‘[The student] was talking stuff and then the teacher came, slammed him on the chair, and started choking him, saying “You don’t know who you’re [expletive] messing with,’ one teenager inside the classroom during the fight told WDJT.

‘He couldn’t even fight back the man was so hard on him,’ a student told the television station. ‘Ain’t nobody in the class was doing nothing. They was just standing there watching.’

The fight only stopped when security came into the classroom and broke it up, students told FOX 6 Now.

There is no footage of what led up to the fight, but some students said the 14-year-old boy and the teacher’s aide had been arguing back and forth for a while and that the boy was being ‘disrespectful’ to him.

One student said the boy was ‘cussing’ at the aide – but classmates did not believe their peer deserved to be tackled.

‘This teacher’s just bogus,’ one student told WDJT.

The Milwaukee Public School District said it found the incident ‘deeply disturbing’ and said the school immediately contacted the police and removed the aide from the classroom after it was notified of the altercation.

‘This staff member – who is a paraprofessional (teacher aide) – faces disciplinary action, including termination,’ it said in a statement.

The case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office after the investigation is complete.

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