[VIDEO] Pretty Female Police Officer Poses ‘Openly And Freely’ With Gun In Patrol Car

[VIDEO] Pretty Female Police Officer Poses 'Openly And Freely' With Gun In Patrol Car

She knew she was in trouble the second she posted this hot pic to Facebook…


WorldWideWierdNews reports:

A pretty police officer in Mexico, may lose her job after taking a topless photo of herself in her patrol car.

Officer Nildo Garcia was placed on leave after the sexy photo of her ended up on Facebook.

Police detectives identified the officer by the logo on the right sleeve of her uniform after people made them aware of the photo.

The photo shows Garcia reclining in the back seat of her patrol car with her breasts exposed and her gun on her knees. She seemed to be posing for someone as she was seen blowing a kiss at the camera.

Police in Escobedo, said that Garcia was suspended from her job while they are continuing their investigation.

This is the latest scandal affecting police in the country.

Last month, 32-year-old officer Hector Mauro Ramos, 32, was suspended after taking a selfie, showing him pointing a gun at his own head in an apparent bid to scare his wife into taking him back after she left him.

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