[VIDEO] Woman On A Rampage Is Confronted On The Bus As Things Turn From Bad To Worse

The moment a foul-mouthed woman who lost her temper gets kicked off a bus by an angry mother has been caught on camera. The video was shot in Sydney this week and centres on a blonde woman whose swearing causes many of her fellow passengers to become upset.

It opens with the woman becoming agitated as the bus slows down to pick up more passengers waiting at a bus stop.

‘F**k here we go,’ she says as the bus prepares to stop. She then lets out a noise like she is in agony as people begin to board.

‘I can’t stand this f**king s**t. F**kwit areas,’ she said.


At this point a male passenger tells the woman to ‘shut the f**k up’ and to ‘respect’ herself. Things escalate when the same male passenger calls the woman a ‘prostitute’.

She spins around, showing her full face to the camera for the first time and screams at the male while hitting seat.

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