10yo Autistic Boy Writes Poem For Homework and Brings Mother and Teacher to Tears

10-year-old Benjamin Giroux was given an open-ended homework assignment by his teacher. When asked to write a poem, Benjamin decided to use it as an opportunity to show other what it’s like to live with autism.


Being autistic, Benjamin has always felt ‘different’ when compared to his peers. While he wishes he could be treated the same as everyone else, he understands his autism makes him come across differently.

In a poem titled “I Am,” Benjamin tries his best to illustrate what his life is like. When his father Sonny read it, he was overcome with emotions. Once you read his poem, it’s easy to see why.


Imagine reading lines such as “I feel like a boy in outer space / I touch the stars and feel out of place” or “I say I ‘feel like a castaway’ / I dream of a day that thats okay.” As a parent, hearing these words from your child will choke you up.

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