[AUDIO] Frantic 911 Call By Kid Rock, Assistant Found Dead Near ATV Along Driveway

Kid Rock was frantic when he called 911 after he found his assistant’s body beside the driveway of his Nashville home.

“I need an ambulance,” the singer told the phone operator. “I need an ambulance. I think my assistant looks to be dead from a Polaris accident.”

“Send the ambulance now! My Polaris is off the driveway and my assistant looks to be dead — there’s a body laying next to me. I need a fucking ambulance. What part of fucking ambulance don’t you fucking hear? Send a goddamn ambulance now!”

The operator said she couldn’t hear the singer because his phone was breaking up. Kid Rock then handed the phone to one of his friends to finish the call.

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/26/kid-rocks-frantic-911-call-i-need-a-fing-ambulance/#ixzz46xvW5GJl

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