Touching Video Over 100 Stranger Showed Up To This Homeless Veterans Funeral!

When veterans come home from war, many are afflicted with illnesses or disabilities that prevent them from finding work. With no way to earn money, they lose their possessions, and even their homes.

Once they start living on the streets, these men and women who served our country are sometimes forgotten, neglected, and even scorned. With no family or friends, they risk dying anonymously.

But when 81-year-old Korean War Navy veteran Charles Lanam passed away, a funeral home wanted to give him the recognition he deserved. He was homeless, and lived in a veteran’s shelter while he was alive. He had no one to help him or take care of him. But that did not mean that when he died, he had no one to honor him. Over 100 people came to his funeral, and helped make the burial he deserved happen. The funeral home posted about its needs, and asked for anyone who could be there to come.

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