[VIDEO] As Man Lay Dying In Street, Bystanders Do Nothing To Help, Then Pick His Pockets

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As assault victim Marques Gaines lay motionless in the street, the early morning activity of the Near North Side continued around him. Cabs searched for customers. Pedestrians strolled along the street corner. A group lingered on the sidewalk outside the nearby bar, where for most of the night Gaines had been drinking and dancing.

Traffic whizzed past. Finally, a few people stopped and seemed to stand over Gaines, 32, who was crumpled near the curb on North State Street. But no one tried to lift him from the pavement or block traffic. – Chicago Tribune, April 21, 2016

A man’s family is devastated and is searching for answers after viewing surveillance footage of their loved one’s tragic and unnecessary death.

On February 7, 2016, Marques Gaines walked out of a 7-Eleven in Chicago with a bag of chips and was immediately confronted by several men outside. What initially appeared to be an argument turned violent – seemingly out of nowhere. Gaines attempted to leave the confrontation, but a man punched him in the head, causing Gaines to collapse in the crosswalk.

It gets worse.

Bystanders – nearly a dozen of them – walked by Gaines, who was unconscious…and not one did anything to help the man.

Cars drove around him.

No one tried to move Gaines or stop traffic.

It gets worse.

Not only did no one – not a single person on that busy street corner – help Gaines…a few people rifled through the man’s pockets. His family said his cell phone and debit card were stolen.

It gets worse.

Moments later, a taxi turned the corner and ran over Gaines.

Gaines died at an area hospital after the incident.

Surveillance video of the incident has been released and is posted below.

Warning: graphic content

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