If You See An Asterisk(*) The Next Time You Shop At Costco, This Is What It Means

It’s not often we’ll stray away from politics, but when we do it’s for good reason. This time it happens to be for the wholesale club Costco, which uses an asterisk on its price tags that customers frequent shoppers will want to know about.

Apparently the wholesaler uses several hidden clues on its price tags that can be quite helpful to those with a keen eye. Everything from the manner in which a price ends to the markings on the price tag reveals clues to shoppers that can help them score sensational deals, and who doesn’t like saving money?

Country Living reports that most products in the store have prices that end with a “9,” such as $6.99 or $8.49, and if that number differs, then you’re most likely looking at a secret sale or a clearance item.

A report from Costco Insider revealed that if a price ends in .97, then it’s been marked down for clearance to try to move the product off the shelves as fast as possible. If it doesn’t move fast enough, the manager will then cut the price again, but it’s always going to end in the .97.

Here’s an example:

So now we’ll discuss the little asterisk you’ll sometimes see on the corner of a price tag, which has a rather significant meaning, especially if it’s on one of your favorite products.

Apparently, it’s used by the manager to signal that the product is no longer going to be restocked in the store, which means if you like it, buy as many as you can before they run out.



H/T: IJ Review

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