[WATCH] She Cheated On Him So He Physically ‘Revealed’ Her Outside Of McDonald’s

[WATCH] She Cheated On Him So He Physically 'Reveals' Her Outside Of McDonald's

This reminds me of something from a kindergarten playground…

Video below:

DailyMail has more…

There are many things cuckolded boyfriends might do, such as throwing away all their their ex’s belongings, getting drunk or finding their own lover.

But how many would resort to pulling their girlfriend’s underwear down in public?

The answer is – this Chinese man after he was captured on camera attempting to disrobe his partner outside a MacDonald’s.

He sits on the ground furiously tugging at the girl’s red knickers around her calves as she slaps him angrily.

She shouts vehemently but he does not give up, even lying on the floor in an attempt to get the intimate item off her.

It is said he is accusing her of being cheap and mean after she cheated on him.

Having lost a shoe in the fracas he points accusingly at the girl, yelling loudly.

With one hand the embarrassed victim clings on to her underwear – and her dignity no doubt – while fending him off with the other.

Alarmed bystanders look on in horror. Some even brazenly stop and stare at the bizarre fight.

Online commentators have criticised this passive attitude.

‘No one willing to help this lady out but won’t miss capturing it on video,’ one writes.

‘Mating season’, another jokes.

Unfortunately the video ends before it is revealed which of the two won.

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