Did Snapchat Cause This Woman To Crash Her Car Or Is She Passing The Blame?

Did Snapchat Cause This Woman To Crash Her Car Or Is She Passing The Blame?

She is going to court and blaming Snapchat for her accident. Do you agree?

WFSB reports:

GRIFFIN, GA (CBS46) – A lawsuit filed in Spalding County claims Snapchat tempted a woman to drive too fast, causing a major crash.

But CBS46 tracked down a witness who said the lawyers have it all wrong.

Henry Williams is one of three other passengers who were in the car when the crash occurred in September.  He said he was sitting right beside Christal McGee, the young lady named in the lawsuit for Snapchatting behind the wheel.

All the proof we’ve seen so far of McGee using Snapchat that night is a selfie she took from the ambulance stretcher…but that was after the crash.

It’s Williams’ opinion the plaintiff, not the defendant in the Snapchat lawsuit, is the one who caused the crash.

“He pulled out in front of us, and instead of speeding up, he never speeded up,” said Williams.

According to the official police report, Lovejoy police never blamed either driver for causing the crash, and never accused anyone of speeding.

Lovejoy police said their investigation is not over, and they had nothing to do with creating the theory that Snapchat is responsible for the accident.

The Georgia lawsuit references a case in Brazil where a young lady was accused of driving fast to impress her friends and crashing. They say she was using a Snapchat feature that stamps your photo with the speed you were moving when you took it.

It turns that out law firms all over the country have had their eyes on Snapchat’s “speed filter” for a while, and they’re actively looking for cases they can use as an excuse to sue the multi-billion dollar company.

A quick search on the internet shows law firms soliciting this idea from coast to coast.

CBS46 asked Williams if anyone in the car was using Snapchat the night of the accident.

“No sir,” replied Williams.

As for how fast McGee was going, Williams said he wasn’t paying attention, but he doubts it was the 113 mph the law firm is alleging. Police said they couldn’t tell how fast either car was going because the road was wet and tire marks were inconclusive.

Records show the plaintiff in the Snapchat lawsuit was involved in another car accident a month before this one.

The Atlanta law firm argues Snapchat is promoting dangerous driving because people may be tempted to go as fast as they can to post a high number.

Snapchat does have a quick warning that pops up when you first use the speed filter saying, “Please do not snap and drive.”

Representatives from the company issued this statement:

“No Snap is more important than someone’s safety. We actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while driving, including by displaying a “Do NOT Snap and Drive” warning message in the app itself.”

The attorneys who filed the lawsuit have been avoiding our questions.

Williams said he no longer keeps in touch with McGee, and didn’t know about the Snapchat lawsuit until CBS46 brought it to his attention.

Read more: http://www.wfsb.com/story/31833989/georgia-couple-sues-snapchat-for-car-accident-witness-says-lawsuit-is-based-on-lies#ixzz47EbHGQxb


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