[VIDEO] Deaths Caused By Smartphones? Don’t Let THIS Happen To You!

[VIDEO] Deaths Caused By Smartphones? Don't Let THIS Happen To You!

We all love our phones but nothing is worth this price…

For example:

1. The 24-year-old Moscow resident lost her life while surfing the Russian equivalent of Facebook on her charging iPhone 4S.

2. An iPhone left on the charger is apparently responsible for the death of a woman in northwestern China.

3. Do you need a reason to spring a little more cash for the brand named phone battery? Well, watch this video of a woman’s phone exploding in China and the extra $20 will seem like a small price to pay to avoid roasting your junk.

4. A Chinese-made fake Samsung Note 3 exploded inside a Hong Kong bus driver’s pocket on his way to work.

5. A woman from China’s Hunan Province, claims that her iPhone burnt her face and left her with fugly scars. She said that she was having a long conversation with her boyfriend last July when she felt her cell phone getting very hot. It felt a bit uncomfortable on her face but she ignored it and kept talking. Later she held an ice-pack to her face.

Video below:


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