What Is This Cigar Shaped UFO Caught on Film in Florida?

I really don’t have a clue what this is but it doesn’t look like any plane I have seen.

From AreaZone51UFOs Blogspot (translated):

It was about 19.45. Our house is located right on the water next to Tampa Bay. I walked outside to the back of my house to walk our dog. I then noticed a strange object as cigar SE S movement that I could not identify. He was completely transfixed. About 45 seconds in my observation, orange orb appeared instantly directly to the right of the machine, then blinked in about 2-3 seconds. It was at that moment that I pulled out my iPhone to capture about 25 seconds of video relatively fragile. There were no discernable normal aircraft lights and the craft made no sound. In my video, a bird flies in front of the craft that gives more breadth to the machine is considerable. You could probably also determine the speed of the machine, because it flies just above some cloud cover that should provide benchmarks for determining the speed. As the object moves away, I stopped to take video and ran inside to get my binoculars. When I returned a few seconds later, the object was gone.

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