See Navy SEALS Unload on ISIS in What White House Claims is Not Combat

A new video purportedly shows Navy SEALS engaged in a firefight with ISIS forces in Iraq despite Obama administration officials insisting American forces are only serving in a non-combat role.

The video posted on Wednesday by World Conflict Films claims to show an engagement that occurred in the town of Tel Skuf, near the city of Mosul. The battle happened after ISIS fighters overwhelmed the town’s Christian militia, according to the poster.

“Not wanting ISIS to secure an entrenched foothold on the town, the elite Peshmerga Counter Terror Unit (CTU) accompanied by their Navy SEAL advisers, acted quickly by counterattacking the village, killing dozens upon dozens of Islamic State militants,” World Conflict Films said in its description of the video. “The SEALs and the CTU were able to violently cleanse the town of ISIS, but at the expense of losing a SEAL and at least 15 Peshmerga fighters.”

World Conflict Films claimed that Apache helicopters and F-16s were also deployed during the battle.

The White House said on Wednesday that, despite the violence, American troops are not deployed in a combat capacity.

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