This Chief Justice Has Betrayed Us AGAIN With This Brutal Ruling…

After what we have seen since the passage of Obamacare, no one is truly surprised…

Chief Justice John Roberts has been a massive disappointment to constitutional conservatives. His most breathtaking betrayal was the delineation of Obamacare as a tax allowing it to move forward. That one act may all by itself bankrupt the country and it has certainly contributed to the misery of Americans. Roberts just did it again. In a significant victory for the Obama administration, Chief Justice Roberts on Thursday refused to block an Environmental Protection Agency regulation limiting emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants. This will cause more plants to shut down and the further loss of jobs at a time when we can ill afford them. It will also cause power costs to skyrocket and is exactly what Obama and the EPA had in mind. I ask again… what does Obama have on Roberts that causes him to rule in his favor on case after case? I hope someday that question will be answered.

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From the Conservative Tribune:

When Chief Justice John Roberts was first appointed to the Supreme Court during the Bush administration, it was believed that he would be a strong conservative voice on the court who would uphold both the Constitution and the rule of law.

Sadly, he has proven to be a vast disappointment, as he has time and again bailed out President Barack Obama’s horrible policies, laws and regulations, most notably by saving Obamacare.

Now Roberts has again betrayed the conservatives that trusted him and the Constitution that he is supposed to uphold by ruling in favor of an Environmental Protection Agency regulation that his court had already struck down as illegal less than a year ago, according to The Hill.

Per The New York Times, the decision came three weeks after the Supreme Court blocked another major Obama administration rule that would limit planet-warming greenhouse gas pollution from coal plants. Opponents of Obama’s environmental policies were buoyed by the high court’s decision to halt the global warming rule, known as the Clean Power Plan, reading it as a sign that the court was willing to halt other regulations while they undergo changes and review. But legal experts said the chief justice’s decision on Thursday signaled that they might not be successful in further attempts to halt environmental rules while they are still subject to legal challenges. Michigan and its allies opposing the rule could still try to seek a full-court review of Roberts’s decision. I sure hope they do… this should not stand.

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