Transgender Flag Flies Proudly Over Major US City Capitol Building

BOSTON (AP) — Mayor Marty Walsh says a transgender pride flag raised Monday over Boston City Hall plaza will continue to fly until everyone is equal under the law in Massachusetts.

The Democratic mayor and other elected officials joined activists in raising the flag of blue, pink, and white horizontal stripes as state lawmakers continue to weigh a bill that would extend protections to transgender individuals in public places.

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker hasn’t said whether he would sign the measure, which would expand a 2011 state law banning discrimination against transgender people in the workplace and housing by also prohibiting discrimination in restaurants, malls and other public accommodations, including restrooms or locker rooms.

The bill would allow transgender people to use public accommodations corresponding to their gender identity.

“We raise the trans pride flag for those who cannot be here today, for those who have been taken from us due to anti-trans violence,” said Mason Dunn, executive director of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

Dunn said the ceremony marked the first time a trans pride flag has been raised in Massachusetts. Supporters said they know of only three other cities in the country to fly the flag — Philadelphia, San Francisco, and San Jose, California.

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