Romney Makes Announcement About Running As Independent Against Trump

Mitt Romney made it clear Thursday night he won’t support either fellow Republican Donald Trump or a Democrat for president because there’s “way too much demagoguery and populism on both sides.”

Speaking at an awards dinner in Washington, D.C., for the American Friends of the Hebrew University, Romney said he’d love to see House Speaker Paul Ryan make a run for the White House but believes he’s needed in Congress.

He also ruled out a run himself as an independent candidate for president this November, telling the attendees, “No, I’m certainly going to be hoping we find someone who I have my confidence in who becomes nominee.”

Romney then said he doesn’t intend to support “either majority party candidate at this point,” without mentioning Trump or the candidates on the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

He said he is “dismayed at where we are now, I wish we had better choices, and I keep hoping that somehow things will get better, and I just don’t see an easy answer from where we are.”

Romney’s comments, reported by the Washington Examiner, came hours after an aide confirmed the GOP’s 2012 nominee was skipping this summer’s Republican National Convention that will nominate Trump.

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