Middle Eastern Restaurant Include Horrifying “Special” Ingredient That Has Them Facing Charges

Workers at a Middle Eastern restaurant in the United Kingdom have been sentenced after pleading guilty to adding a “special ingredient” to their cuisine — namely, their feces.

According to the BBC, Nottingham kebab restaurant owners Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti were given four-month suspended jail sentences and ordered to pay a fine of roughly $288 last September after they admitted breaching food hygiene regulations.

Authorities learned about the hygiene breaches at the Khyber Pass restaurant after a June 2014 outbreak of the E.coli virus that sickened 140 people was traced back to the restaurant.

The brothers and their restaurant, where diners got more than was on the menu

The type of E.coli virus that caused the outbreak is so rare that it’s only the second recorded case of its type in Europe, and it only has one known origin — the human gut. According to the prosecutor in the case, the men at the restaurant didn’t wash their hands after vacating their lower GI tract.

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