WATCH This Manhattan Woman Drink Wine And Work Out In Viral Video

WATCH This Manhattan Woman Drink Wine And Work Out In Viral Video

26 million shares and views – IN ONE DAY!

MANHATTAN (KSNTWATE) –  Megan Vaughan started working out a year ago using wine as her weights. It all started when her friend sent her a cartoon of a girl working out while drinking a glass of wine. That same night, her husband recorded a video of her doing push-ups while drinking wine and posted the video to Facebook. The next morning, the video went viral and Megan had 26 million shares and views on her video.

“So then I thought, well I’ll make a real work out out of it and that got a lot of shares and views,” said Vaughan. “And then I just made this one last week and it got over 13 million views on Facebook so far. I don’t know why, but I’ll take it.”

Vaughan’s workout consists of her using boxes of wine which range from five to ten pounds. She also uses bottles of wine, as well as, the glass and straw she drinks from.

All of it seems like a fun workout to do, but is the workout safe for people to do at home? I spoke with a trainer at Genesis Health Club, Laurie Arellano, so she could weigh-in on the workout.

“I think it’s super creative,” said Arellano. “She’s having a lot of fun. Looks like a full-body work out. And hey, if anything gets you moving and gets you excited about working out, I say go for it.”

I then asked Arellano was drinking wine everyday a healthy decision to include in a workout.

“There’s a lot of studies that say one to two glasses of wine won’t hurt anything and possibly be beneficial.”

So it turns out this is a fun workout and a healthy decision for people to do at home. So if you’re a person who likes wine and also wants to get a good workout in, this might be the workout for you.

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